Accreditation by NAEYC

Plainville's Great Beginnings Daycare Center & Nursery School was recently granted re-accreditation by the National Association for the Education for Young Children (NAEYC). This prestigious recognition has been achieved by approximately 7% of early childhood programs nationwide some 8,006 programs as of January 1, 2003, serving 705,798 children.

NAEYC accreditation is a rigorous, voluntary process by which early childhood programs demonstrate that they meet national standards of excellence. Child care centers, preschools, kindergartens and before and after school programs are eligible to seek NAEYC accreditation. Approximately 19,000 programs are engaged in seeking accreditation. 

Programs seeking accreditation undergo an extensive self-study, collecting information from parents, teachers, administrators and classroom observations. They replica watches receive an on-site visit conducted by early childhood professionals especially trained by NAEYC, to validate their self-study results.

Plainville's Great Beginnings Daycare Center & Nursery School is located at 195 East Street and serves 150+ children ranging in age from 3 to 8. Great Beginnings will now proudly display the NAEYC Torch, the symbol of NAEYC accreditation. For more information about NAEYC, please visit:

The Philosophy of Great Beginnings

At Great Beginnings, we believe as children grow they need a positive self-image, supportive role models, and both a structured and free learning environment to effectively guide them through their development in a meaningful and happy way. The purpose of Great Beginnings is replica watches uk to provide a quality learning environment for children from ages six weeks through eight years of age.

Our goal is to provide each age group with the highest level of quality childcare available in a group learning environment. This is accomplished by securing personnel dedicated to children. We strive to provide our youngest population with a loving, nurturing, and stimulating setting. As the children grow and develop, materials and ideas presented in rolex replica a fun and enjoyable way providing a blend of free play and exploration with structured programming to prepare the child for school

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